The original sanimaid toilet bowl cleaner is always the same, but you can choose between a variety of functional and beautiful wall holders and floor caddy’s.

Good, beautiful and functional design in one piece. Smart lid to hide the cleaning head when not used. Easy click-on wall mounting to save floor space and make the floor cleaning more easy. 

Classic floor caddy, but in a very modern Danish design. The floor caddy is designed so it can be placed in various positions and have different expressions and will fit perfectly in any toilet or bathroom.

Easy and functional . Boston is perfect for both private homes and public toilets like schools, hospitals and institutions, as it is easy and convenient to use. Easy click-on wall mounting to save floor space and make the cleaning more easy. 

Sanimaid also differentiates itself from the common cloths in the market, as they are treated with silver ions, a known technology that kills 99% of all bacteria. This also means that the cloth does not smell bad after use.

The original patented Sanimaid. Good design and super hygienic features like antibacterial and dripless. Extra long handle for a more agronomical use. Long life which is better for your wallet and our environment. Fit all our holders.

We introduce

Antibacterial Microfibre cloths

✓Antibacterial effect - kills 99% of all bacteria

✓No cleaning products needed - no

✓No bad smell – no more nasty dish clothes chermistry and better environment

Available from September 2019