✓ Build-in anti-bacterial technology from Microban, up to 99%
✓ Hard scraper function for removal of stubborn dirt
✓ Back wing for cleaning under the rim
✓ Adhesive tape on the back of holder – no screws needed for intallation
✓ Water repellant materials – no dirty toilet water on the floor, or in the holder
✓ Long lifespan means less plastic waste and better environment

Data Sheet

SEOUL Ergo 2.0 is the new generation of sanimaid toilet brushes. It has flexible wings, and a back wing for cleaning under the rim. Furthermore, it has soft ribs underneath, and a new scraper function on the top side of the head, for cleaning of stubborn dirt. The model, like all other wall hung Sanimaid models, comes with adhesive tape on the back, and requires no screws or other tools for installation.

SEOUL comes in black and white.

Measurements including holder:

Depth:    88 mm
Width:    83 mm
Height:   427 mm

Sanimaid Ergo 2.0 video

We introduce

Antibacterial Microfibre cloths

✓Antibacterial effect - kills 99% of all bacteria

✓No cleaning products needed - no

✓No bad smell – no more nasty dish clothes chermistry and better environment

Available from September 2019