✓ Build-in anti-bacterial technology from Microban, up to 99%
✓ Adhesive tape on the back of holder, no screws needed for intallation
✓ Water repellant materials – no dirty toilet water on the floor, or in the holder
✓ Long lifespan means less plastic waste and better environment
✓ Back wing for cleaning under the rim

Data Sheet

Classic floor caddy, but in a very modern Danish design. The floor caddy is designed so it can be placed in various positions and have different expressions and will fit perfectly in any toilet or bathroom.

OLSO comes in white and charcoal.

Measurements including holder:

Depth:    190 mm
Width:    116 mm
Height:   435 mm

We introduce

Antibacterial Microfibre cloths

✓Antibacterial effect - kills 99% of all bacteria

✓No cleaning products needed - no

✓No bad smell – no more nasty dish clothes chermistry and better environment

Available from September 2019