✓ Antibacterial effect – kills 99% of all bacteria
✓ No cleaning products needed – no chermistry and better environment
✓ No bad smell – no more nasty dish clothes
✓ Washable and reusable – better for.

Sanimaid also differentiates itself from the common
cloths in the market, as they are treated with silver ions,
a known technology that kills 99% of all bacteria. This
also means that the cloth does not smell bad after use.

The cloths are washable and reusable which is good
for the environment, but also cheaper to use in length.

■ 32 x 30cm
■ 87% polyester and 13% polyamide
■ Washable at max 50 degrees
■ Antibacterial treated with silver ions
■ 2 beautiful colors in red and blue

Antibacterial Microfiber Cloth video


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We introduce

Antibacterial Microfibre cloths

✓Antibacterial effect - kills 99% of all bacteria

✓No cleaning products needed - no

✓No bad smell – no more nasty dish clothes chermistry and better environment

Available from September 2019