✓ Build-in antobacterial technology from Microban, up to 99%
✓ Hard scraper function for removal of stubborn dirt
✓ Back wing for cleaning under the rim
✓ Water repellant materials – no dirty toilet water on the floor, or in the holder
✓ Long lifespan means less plastic waste and better environment

Data Sheet

BERLIN Ergo 2.0 is the new generation of sanimaid toilet brushes. It has flexible wings, and a back wing for cleaning under the rim. It has a new scraper function on the top side of the head, for cleaning of stubborn dirt. It has a newly improved ergonomic handle for perfect grip. The model comes with a floor caddy.

BERLIN comes in white.

Measurements including holder:

Depth:    190 mm
Width:    116 mm
Height:   418 mm

Sanimaid Ergo 2.0 video

We introduce

Antibacterial Microfibre cloths

✓Antibacterial effect - kills 99% of all bacteria

✓No cleaning products needed - no

✓No bad smell – no more nasty dish clothes chermistry and better environment

Available from September 2019